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Welcome to the world of award-winning Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight, who opens up each week about the stories behind the cartoons in our exclusive Kids News explainer series

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, July 15, 2024

Trump’s reaction changes history

Seconds after US presidential hopeful Donald Trump survived the assassination attempt in Pennsylvania, he seized the moment. Mark Knight’s cartoon captures him walking away not as a victim but as the clear election frontrunner

Mark Knight cartoon, June 20

Dutton sparks nuclear reactions

Cartoonist Mark Knight suggests cool heads are needed in the nuclear power debate after Liberal leader Peter Dutton’s policy announcement sent the political landscape into instant meltdown

mark Knight cartoon on Donald Trump's mug shot

Trump’s presidential prison portrait

With Trump found guilty of all 34 charges of falsifying business records, cartoonist Mark Knight revisits a toon created nine months ago imagining Trump as the first US president in prison

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, May 14, 2024

Budget inspires cartoon bonanza

Treasurer Jim Chalmers had his work cut out delivering this week’s federal budget while attempting to win the hearts of voters and big business, as captured in Knight’s three-part series

Mark Knight cartoon on increased HECS debt

HECS debt deadweight for grads

Burdened by HECS debt, today’s university graduates find their dreams of financial freedom chained to a huge debt ball right at the beginning of their adult careers, says cartoonist Mark Knight

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, March 18, 2024

Run for kids or push for parents?

Newspaper cartoonist Mark Knight relies on quick wit and fast fingers to do his job – but he’s also swift on his feet as a longtime supporter of the Run for the Kids fundraiser to help sick children

Mark Knight cartoon on pets being allowed in planes

Doggie treats taking off on Virgin?

Cartoonist and animal lover Mark Knight could not resist the opportunity to draw a plane full of pooches after Virgin Australia announced that domestic pets are getting a major travel upgrade

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, March 4, 2024

Cake on face after by-election win

PM Anthony Albanese’s birthday coincided with a by-election win in Victoria, cause for celebration in the Labor camp but cartoonist Mark Knight calls ‘spin’ on scenes of happy Liberals partying too

Mark Knight cartoon on Demon Angus Brayshaw forced to retire because of concussion

Tough call on hard knocks in AFL

Concussion-induced microscopic changes to Angus Brayshaw’s 28-year-old brain forced the AFL player’s painful decision to retire, prompting cartoonist Mark Knight to send him off in style

Mark Knight cartoon on new naval deal

Navy flying high after dizzying win

Cartoonist Mark Knight says Royal Australian Navy’s heart will go on after big spending promises from the Albanese Government bring the prospect of better defence capacity and brand new toys

Mark Knight cartoon. For Wednesday 7th FEB 2024.

Fresh start for pollies to play nice

First day nerves and jostling at the gates is all part of getting back to school and cartoonist Mark Knight suggests kids aren’t the only ones navigating playground antics as politicians return

Mark Knight for Herald Sun, December 14

No Christmas cheer for taxpayers

Christmas is meant to be a time of giving, but as cartoonist Mark Knight points out in his satirical depiction of the federal treasurer, the government seems to have other ideas

Mark Knight Cartoon
Tue 5 Dec 2023
The call for nuclear power in Australia

Renewables in power struggle

Cartoonist Mark Knight considers Australia’s move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as the goal of zero emissions reignites the nuclear energy debate alongside wind, water and sun

Mark Knight cartoon on the banning of disposable vapes

Let’s not be dummies about vapes

Cartoonist Mark Knight calls out the dangerous absurdity of replacing one addiction with another as the government moves to ban imported, disposable vapes as companies blatantly target kids

Mark Knight cartoon on temporary ceasefire in Israel war

Ceasefire on a wing and a prayer

Battered and bruised though the dove appears, the international symbol of peace holds firm to the olive branch and tries to builds a bridge between Israel and Palestine in Mark Knight’s cartoon

Mark Knight Cartoon Tuesday 7th November 2023

The rate rise that stopped a nation

The Melbourne Cup is famed as ‘the race that stops a nation’ but this year’s capacity crowd at Flemington could barely be heard above the inflation dragon’s roar in Mark Knight’s cartoon

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, October 31, 2023

Pen mightier than sword in conflict

As war in Israel and Gaza sadly rages, cartoonist Mark Knight’s depiction of former Australian PMs’ call to calm reminds the nation of the most powerful, precious asset we have: peace

KIDS NEWS 2023: Mark Knight Albo speed dating cartoon in 4:3

Albo on diplomatic dating circuit

Anthony Albanese has limited time to impress in talks with US President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping, as Mark Knight’s cartoon sets the scene – and the pace – as a dating game

mark Knight cartoon on the resurgence of Carlton FC

Woes to wins for Carlton’s ‘tribe’

Australia has more than its share of passionate sporting tribes across different codes and loyalty can be a long road for frustrated fans – well, until their team’s luck turns like Carlton’s

mark Knight cartoon on Alan Joyce leaving Qantas with millions of dollars

Spirit of Australia takes a nosedive

Departing Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has been centrestage for all the wrong reasons as his whopping great payout prompts Mark Knight’s rethink of ad featuring Peter Allen’s beloved Aussie anthem

Mark Knight cartoon on lack of funding for women's sport

Matildas’ home goals biggest wins

Mark Knight’s cartoon suggests that the game-changing success of the Matildas’ World Cup wasn’t reaching the semi-finals for the first time, it was forever shifting the goalposts for women’s sports

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, August 14, 2023

It’s no holiday for small biz ‘bums’

When Prime Minister Albanese suggested a public holiday if the Matildas won the World Cup, Aussies rejoiced but small business owners despaired in a 40 year old replay of America’s Cup quote

Mark Knight cartoon on the euphoria surrounding the Matildas

What’s happened to Barbie?

The dreams of Australia’s little girls have changed forever in Mark Knight’s cartoon, with Barbie dolls and pretty pinks replaced by the mighty Matildas rocking the green and gold

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, August 1, 2023

Buddy leaves the ground as GOAT

Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin’s retirement this week from the sport that made him famous inspired a deceptively simple cartoon capturing an AFL career with too many highlights to name

Mark Knight cartoon on treasurer's wellness report

Big gaps in Govt wellbeing report

National wellbeing report Measuring What Matters was released by the Federal Govt this week but fails to take into account the past three years of historic tumult, says Mark Knight