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New Bluey episode featuring the Heeler house for sale.

Is Bluey really moving home?

Moving home is something lots of kids have to go through, but could Australia’s favourite animated family really be selling their iconic Brisbane house? And if so, where would they move to?

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Guinness World Record blueberry from Corindi, weighing in at a whopping 20.40g and measuring 39.31 millimetres, it outgrew the previous world record of a 16.20g berry grown in Western Australia in 2020.

Aussie blueberry sets world record

A northern NSW farm has claimed a Guinness World Record for producing the world’s heaviest blueberry – check out the pictures and find out how this massive superfood came to tip the scales

DAILY TELEGRAPH MARCH 14, 2024. 17-month-old gorilla Kaius being fed at Mogo Wildlife Park by director Chad Staples who hand-raised Kaius. Picture: Jonathan Ng

Zoo baby sweeps away Swift fever

Move over Taylor Swift, Australia is going gaga over a new celebrity that has captured hearts after a traumatic birth led to him being adopted by his furry aunt

Holiday reading. iStock image. For Kids News and Hibernation

Great summer reading guide

If you’re looking for fab new titles to devour over the school holidays – or some late additions to your Christmas wishlist – our HarperCollins Book Club summer reading guide has you covered

If you happen to cross a Cassowary you are supposed walk back slowly and put something like a big or a branch between yourself and the animal.

Swimming cassowary stuns at beach

A southern cassowary has been filmed swimming to the shore of a Queensland beach in a ‘fish out of water’ moment, proving the flightless bird is not afraid to get its feathers wet

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8/11/2023 (L-R) Natsai Kanhutu, Sienna Fortuna and Pia Chapman exploring AustraliaÕs largest lolly shop which is opening in Highpoint Shopping Centre, with the largest pick and mix lolly aisle, which is set to break a Guinness World record and a life size lolly claw. Aaron Francis / Herald Sun

New lolly palace sure looks sweet

Australia’s largest lolly shop has rideable dinosaurs, a life-size ‘human claw’ for maximum scooping, one of the biggest pick and mix aisles on Earth and plans for a Guinness World Record bid

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AI ART created with Midjourney // Pictured: Chris Hemsworth as Shrek

‘AI’ named 2023 Word of the Year

‘AI’ named Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary as Kids News joins ‘the dominant conversation of 2023’ with an AI experiment transforming stars and politicians into a Halloween Hall of Fame

128 Grazer, a female brown bear, was declared the winner of Fat Bear Week 2023. Source: Supplied / Katmai National Park/Instagram

Fat Bear Week winner announced

Don’t mess with mama bear ‘Grazer’, a single parent who takes on rival brown bear blokes like a boss and has snagged the 2023 title in Alaska’s most watched talent quest

Ask Healthy Harold
KIDS NEWS 2023: Healthy Harold October 2023 Learn how to draw Healthy Harold. Picture: LifeEd

How to draw Healthy Harold

Whether you’re still enjoying school holidays or will be easing into Term 4 this week, get creative and calm your mind by learning how to draw Healthy Harold – WATCH THE VIDEO

UPDATEDSpelling Bee
EMBARGOED. FRIDAY 15 SEPT.  KIDS NEWS NWK Kids News story for Friday 15 Sept.
Zac Cheng has claimed the 2023 PM's Spelling Bee championship title, the 2022 defending champ taking out the Years 7-8 Red level category for the second time.                     Picture: David Caird

PM’s Spelling Bee champs named

After nearly 60,000 student registrations, three exciting rounds and every state and territory in Australia getting busy with their ABCs, it’s time to meet the 2023 PM’s Spelling Bee champions