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KIDS NEWS 2024: Giant kangaroos bounce back from the past, April 6.

An almost-complete skeleton of Protemnodon viator is shown, missing just a few bones of the hand, foot and tail. This specimen, SAMA P59552 from Lake Callabonna, is the holotype for the newly described species. This means that this specimen is the best representative of the species, as chosen by the researchers that described it.

 A near-complete fossil skeleton of the extinct giant kangaroo Protemnodon viator from Lake Callabonna, missing just a few bones from the hand, foot and tail.
Picture: Isaac A. R. Kerr

Giant extinct kangaroos identified

Kangaroos have been bouncing across Australia for millions of years but ancient species have outpaced palaeontologists until now as new research points to distinct features in three extinct species

How to plan a great story. Author Katrina Nannestad's advice on what to do if you get stuck for an idea. For Kids News short story competition

New clue into left-handedness

There could be a genetic reason some people are left-handed, with a new study finding that a rare variant is present in more than twice as many lefties as right-handed folk

Zombie cicadas. Picture: West Virginia University Photo

Plague of ‘zombie’ pee champions

Two regions in the US are about to be overtaken by trillions of noisy periodical cicadas in the biggest plague since 1803 – but why are these so-called ‘champions of pee’ turning into zombies?

KIDS NEWS 2024: A view of the M87 supermassive black hole in polarised light, Wednesday 27 March 2024. Picture: EHT Collaboration
The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, who produced the first ever image of our Milky Way black hole released in 2022, has captured a new view of the massive object at the centre of our Galaxy: how it looks in polarised light. This is the first time astronomers have been able to measure polarisation, a signature of magnetic fields, this close to the edge of Sagittarius A*. This image shows the polarised view of the Milky Way black hole. The lines overlaid on this image mark the orientation of polarisation, which is related to the magnetic field around the shadow of the black hole.

New view of Milky Way monster

The twisted spiral pattern around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, newly observed by astronomers, reveals new qualities of the hugely powerful object lurking at the centre of our galaxy

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NewsWire Photos JANUARY 20, 2023: Editorial generic stock image of an iPhone with the popular apps: Instagram, Messenger and Facebook prominent on its home screen. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Nicholas Eagar

Health warning for kids on phones

A person that used to work for Facebook’s parent company Meta has issued a dire warning, saying the tech giant knows its algorithms are damaging the health of young kids and teens

18/11/2010 WIRE: NOTE: All information about this discovery is EMBARGOED until 2PM ET on Thursday 18 November 2010 TO GO WITH AFP STORY US-SPACE-ASTRONOMY-EUROPE-GERMANY-CHILE This artist?s impression shows HIP 13044 b, an exoplanet orbiting a star that entered our galaxy, the Milky Way, from another galaxy. European astronomers say they have discovered the first planet that comes from a galaxy outside the Milky Way, according to research released November 18, 2010 in the United States. The exoplanet is slightly larger than the size of Jupiter, the gaseous planet that is the largest in our solar system, and is orbiting a star 2,000 light years from Earth that has found its way into the Milky Way. The pair are believed to be part of the Helmi stream, a group of stars that remains after its mini-galaxy was devoured by the Milky Way some six to nine billion years ago, said the study in Science Express. AFP PHOTO/ESO/L. Cal?ada/RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE

Stars snack on planets in space

The uneven composition of twin stars in the Milky Way suggests not all planetary systems are as stable as our own, with a new study concluding that some planets end up as dinner to the stars

TOPSHOT - This handout picture released by the Icelandic Coast Guard on March 16, 2024 shows billowing smoke and flowing lava pouring out of a new fissure, during a surveilance flight above a new volcanic eruption on the outskirts of the evacuated town of Grindavik, western Iceland. A volcanic eruption started on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwestern Iceland on Thursday, the third to hit the area since December, authorities said. (Photo by HANDOUT / Icelandic Coast Guard / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO /HANDOUT/ICELANDIC COAST GUARD " - NO MARKETING - NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

Iceland volcano still spewing lava

A 3km fissure that opened up late last year in Iceland continues to spew spectacular fountains of lava after a volcano near the capital erupted for the fourth time since December

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Guinness World Record blueberry from Corindi, weighing in at a whopping 20.40g and measuring 39.31 millimetres, it outgrew the previous world record of a 16.20g berry grown in Western Australia in 2020.

Aussie blueberry sets world record

A northern NSW farm has claimed a Guinness World Record for producing the world’s heaviest blueberry – check out the pictures and find out how this massive superfood came to tip the scales

(FILES) This photo taken on November 21, 2019, shows the logo of the social media video sharing app Tiktok displayed on a tablet screen in Paris. The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill on March 13, 2024 that would force Tiktok to divest from its Chinese owner or get banned from the United States. (Photo by Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP)

Why TikTok could be banned in Australia

National security concerns about TikTok, including its role as ‘the major source of news and information about the world for young Australians’, has Canberra watching the US as ban bill looms

KIDS NEWS 2024: March 11 story, how do animals behave during an eclipse. Picture: iStock

How do animals behave in an eclipse?

Residents at a US zoo are in the spotlight as scientists plan to closely study how the animals respond to solar eclipses when the next day of darkness rolls across the country next month

Starlink Satellite Train spotted in Victoria. Picture: Facebook.

Musk’s ‘light’ train in Oz night sky

Aussie stargazers were in for a treat as the Starlink satellite train made its way across Victorian skies over the weekend, with other states set to view the spectacle in the coming days

Human Head with Brain Activity

How does your brain clean itself?

Deep sleep doesn’t just rest your body – Australian scientists believe it’s also when the brain washes away toxins, with a new project looking at whether the brain’s self-clean can be boosted

MUSWELLBROOK, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 27: Liddell Power Station stands next to Lake Liddell as chimneys at the Bayswater Power Station seen emit water vapour on April 27, 2023 in Muswellbrook, Australia. Liddell Power Station, one of Australia's oldest coal-fired power plants, will shut down on Friday, 28 April, after 52 years in operation. The AGL-owned facility opened in 1971 and was once the most powerful generating station in Australia. With Australia making the transition from coal power to renewables, the site will be transformed into a new low-carbon industrial energy hub. Demolition of the plant will begin next year, with more than 90 per cent of the materials to be recycled, AGL says. The closure of Liddell Power Station will stop 8 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year, media reported. (Photo by Roni Bintang/Getty Images)

Strange new idea to cool Earth

US scientists are studying whether we could cool the planet to counteract global warming by injecting ice into the atmosphere, as Australia swelters into autumn on the other side of the globe

This image obtained on February 26, 2024 courtesy of Intuitive Machines, shows Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lunar lander approximately 35 seconds after pitching over during its approach to the landing site. The camera is on the starboard aft-side of the lander in this phase. The first American spaceship to the Moon since the Apollo era is probably lying sideways following its dramatic landing, the company that built it said February 23, even as ground controllers work to download data and surface photos from the uncrewed robot. (Photo by Handout / Intuitive Machines / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / INTUITIVE MACHINES" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

Odysseus moon mission cut short

The first ever privately owned spacecraft put the US back on the moon for the first time in 52 years – but the lunar lander is set to stop working ahead of schedule after it came to rest on its side

Two humpback whales swimming near the surface near Niue Island

Escape Sat Mag 27 October 2023
Top 10 Report - Niue Island
Photo - iStock

How do whales sing underwater?

Ever wondered how whales are able to sing underwater without choking? After examining the voice boxes of three baleen whales, a team of scientists believe they now have the answer