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Giving not only benefits those on the receiving end. Let’s learn how charity and generosity can make the world a better place with our new Giving Education Kit

Women hold money jar with coins on wood table , Saving for Donation Concept

Why giving is good

PART 1: Have you heard the saying that it is better to give than receive? It’s true in so many ways. Find out why we all win when we give

Climate Change

Climate Change
Child hands holding planet earth over sky background with copy space. World map used to create the globe furnished by NASA:

How the world is working as one

PART 4: The Paris Agreement was a turning point in bringing countries together to fight climate change. How we’re doing will be in the spotlight at a conference in Glasgow in November

Climate Change
Vestas V112 installation at AGL's Macarthur wind farm in Victoria, Australia: Photo courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Towards net zero 2050

PART 6: Fixing climate change might not be as simple as doing better in the future. We also need to repair the damage we’ve already done. This is what achieving net zero 2050 is all about



Moon Landing

Greek Myths and Legends

Greek Myths and Legends
Statue of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea Picture: Thinkstock Supplied /

What is Greek Mythology?

Greek Mythology is a series of epic tales of bravery, battles, monsters and love told by Ancient Greeks to their families over many generations to help them understand the world around them


Recycling Kit

Recycling education kit sales

Teach students why it’s important to be part of the waste solution rather than the problem. Recycling kit includes 25-activity classroom workbook for $20.

The South Melbourne Market banned straws from December 1, 2018. Arabella, 7, Hugo, 7, and Charley, 6, support the ban. Picture: Penny Stephens

You can be a great recycler

PART SIX: Follow our guide on how to be a good recycler to make sure nothing you throw out ends up in landfill or the ocean. You’re on your way to being a fantastic recycler

Gold Rush

Gold Rush
Artwork for Gold Rush kits at $20 price point

How to order your Gold Rush kit

The discovery of gold in Australia began one of the most significant periods in our history. This kit explores the history of the Gold Rush and its impact on our nation both then and now

Gold Rush
Dutch Tall Ship the Stad Amsterdam a three masted Clipper arrives in Port Phillip Bay for the Tall Ships Festival in Williamstown.

Rough journey to the goldfields

LIFE AS A MINER: News of the Australian Gold Rush spread quickly around the world. But the journey for those who dreamt of striking it rich was slow, uncomfortable and dangerous

Gold Rush
Sovereign Hill, Victoria 
Image supplied by Tourism Victoria 
Mandatory credit: Tourism Victoria

The hard task of finding gold

LIFE AS A MINER: There are stories of miners tripping over nuggets of gold. Yes, really! But most people had to work much, much harder to find their fortune 

Gold Rush
Chinese gold diggers in Beechworth. Miners.

A big multicultural melting pot

LIFE AS A MINER: People came from across the world to find their fortune. The mix of cultures made the goldfields an exciting place, but also a difficult place for some