The vibrantly coloured, spiky caterpillar of the comparatively mundane Comana monomorpha moth. Picture: Supplied

Strange use for caterpillar venom

Long seen as a spiky menace to the gardeners of Townsville, the electric caterpillar has a painful and venomous sting that scientists say could be used in a surprising way

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : NewsWire Photos JUNE 24 2024: A general view of a Pharmacy in Sydney as Vapes will be made available at pharmacies without a prescription after the Albanese government struck a deal with the Greens that would soften a proposed retail ban on e-cigarettes. Picture: Newswire / Gaye Gerard

Chemists outraged by vape change

Pharmacy groups have slammed changes to a new law allowing people to purchase vapes at chemists without a doctor’s prescription, labelling such a sale ‘unethical’

FOR KIDS NEWS. A study of ancient Egyptian skulls has changed the way we think about the history of cancer treatment. Picture: Dr Edgard Camarós

Surprise Ancient Egypt cancer find

A new study has shown Ancient Egyptians may have performed surgery to treat cancer as far back as 4000 years ago after hi-tech equipment detected cut marks in an ancient skull

Kids news HP promo
FOR KIDS NEWS. R U OK? has launched a national art competition for kids in years 7 and 8 on what an R U OK? conversation means to them. Picture: R U OK?

Art U OK?

R U OK? has launched a national art competition for Years 7-8 students on the theme: what does an R U OK? conversation mean to you – and radio’s Will And Woody are jumping on board

VIDEOAsk Healthy Harold
KIDS NEWS 2024: Healthy Harold - May. Great choices make healthy lungs. Picture: supplied/Life Ed

Great choices make healthy lungs

Healthy Harold knows that making great choices for your body includes keeping your lungs healthy, so let’s find out what you can do to ensure you’re only breathing clean air long into the future

How to plan a great story. Author Katrina Nannestad's advice on what to do if you get stuck for an idea. For Kids News short story competition

New clue into left-handedness

There could be a genetic reason some people are left-handed, with a new study finding that a rare variant is present in more than twice as many lefties as right-handed folk

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NewsWire Photos JANUARY 20, 2023: Editorial generic stock image of an iPhone with the popular apps: Instagram, Messenger and Facebook prominent on its home screen. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Nicholas Eagar

Health warning for kids on phones

A person that used to work for Facebook’s parent company Meta has issued a dire warning, saying the tech giant knows its algorithms are damaging the health of young kids and teens

In this March 16, 2024, image courtesy of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, surgeons perform the world’s first genetically modified pig kidney transplant into a living human. A team of surgeons have successfully transplanted a pig kidney into a living patient for the first time, the hospital said on March 21, 2024. The four-hour-long operation was carried out on March 16 on a 62-year-old man suffering from end-stage kidney disease, the hospital said. (Photo by Michelle ROSE / Massachusetts General Hospital / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / Massachusetts General Hospital/Michelle ROSE" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

First human receives pig kidney

In a groundbreaking medical advance, a 62-year-old man has made history as the first human to receive a kidney transplant from a genetically modified pig

Mark Knight cartoon for Herald Sun, March 18, 2024

Run for kids or push for parents?

Newspaper cartoonist Mark Knight relies on quick wit and fast fingers to do his job – but he’s also swift on his feet as a longtime supporter of the Run for the Kids fundraiser to help sick children